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TAG Associates

provides unbiased, customized financial advice to wealthy families, foundations, and endowments.

Our Heritage

In 1983, TAG’s founders recognized that the need for coordination, planning and stewardship of family wealth on all levels was not being met and that the provision of such services — unbiased and customized for individual needs — would be acknowledged as the appropriate solution to the management of wealth. At the time, the idea of an independent, multi-client family office was in its infancy. But necessity is the mother of invention.

We set out on a mission to provide these services with one guiding principle “Do what’s best for the client.” That fiduciary duty of acting in the best interest of the client is the primary reason why we, and more importantly, our clients, have succeeded over the last three decades.

TAG’s mission is to preserve and enhance its clients’ wealth from one generation to another. We continually evaluate new developments in investment strategy, tax law, insurance coverage, estate planning, and consider how such developments might affect our clients.

We are proud of our long-standing relationships with many clients. Those clients are served by dedicated professionals, many with more than 10 years of tenure at TAG. We believe that if you treat people right, they will continue to partner with you, whether they are clients or employees.

TAG pioneered the multi-client family office concept. We were visionaries in 1983 and we remain visionaries today.

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