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TAG Associates

provides unbiased, customized financial advice to wealthy families, foundations, and endowments.

Due Diligence

All investment manager due diligence is performed in-house by our veteran investment team. Our investment manager and strategy due diligence is a thorough, constantly evolving methodology. The firm’s investment process consists of several steps to identify the best group of managers that, taken together, will provide superior, consistent risk-adjusted returns throughout the market cycle.

The investment manager diligence is a rigorous, internal process which includes manager visits, strategy and performance evaluation, confirmation and validation of prior performance, experience and infrastructure, back-office and systems evaluations.

When we choose to make an investment, the monitoring effort begins. We review portfolio positions and risk monthly. Most importantly, TAG maintains an active and ongoing dialogue with each of our managers so that we are not surprised by subsequent developments, either positive or negative. We speak regularly and develop relationships with our managers. We are comfortable calling them at a moment’s notice to discuss ongoing developments. This type of relationship allows us to understand how different managers will perform in different market environments, even before receiving the actual results.