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TAG Associates

provides unbiased, customized financial advice to wealthy families, foundations, and endowments.

Portfolio Management

At TAG, we identify a client’s investment goals and objectives while also considering the client’s risk profile and tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon, tax considerations, non-investment assets, client-specific portfolio restrictions, and other unique circumstances.

This information allows to create an overall investment plan. We then implement the investment portfolio through the use of separately-managed accounts, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, and other investment products that are suitable for the client’s portfolio.

TAG continually monitors these strategies and assesses the portfolio, recommending changes and rebalancing as necessary or when suitable opportunities present themselves.

Having allocated more than one-third of assets under management to Alternative Investments (private equity, hedge funds, Commodity Trading Advisors), TAG is a recognized leader in this asset category. Our clients leverage our expertise, our collective size, and our long history investing in Alternative Investments.

Our Portfolio Management Services are available on a stand-alone basis as well as in conjunction with our wealth management and family office services.