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TAG Associates

provides unbiased, customized financial advice to wealthy families, foundations, and endowments.

Why Clients Choose TAG

Independence: We are unaffiliated with any bank or brokerage firm and therefore have the independence to consider any investment option in the financial universe. We are not paid commissions, nor do we accept any indirect payments from investment managers, or other professionals we hire on behalf of our clients.

Objectivity: TAG is free of bias in its recommendations regarding the selection and retention of investment managers and in choosing investment products and strategies. We can choose from the entire universe of available talent.

Experience: TAG has been in business since 1983. Its senior management group averages over 25 years of experience in finance and investment. TAG’s substantial and wide-ranging client base provides for a continuous interaction with many leading professionals (investment-related, tax, legal, etc.) and thus we are kept on the leading edge of new ideas, products, and technologies.

Continuity: The team approach to client service at TAG ensures each client is served by Managing Directors of the Firm. Our private ownership structure promises our clients a continuity of service rare in many financial institutions where personnel turnover is common.

Customization: We create customized investment portfolios uniquely suited for the individual needs of each client; no two client portfolios are the same. We do not manage client affairs as a rigid bureaucracy or from a centralized headquarters. Our professionals conduct research and dispense tailored advice.

Access/Buying Power: TAG’s existing clients have a powerful advantage in the substantial dollars they, as a group, invest. TAG also pools clients’ assets, where appropriate, to obtain access to investment managers not otherwise available and to provide diversification.