Adding value through alternatives

Our goal is to give you the highest potential to achieve your desired investment outcome. We believe that investments in unique alternatives investments, emerging managers, sectors and industries can improve your portfolio:

  • Generate additional return through investment selection
  • Smooth volatility with low correlation assets
  • Hedge the risk of an overall portfolio
  • Deliver illiquidity premiums by accessing inefficient markets

Our alternative advantage

TAG Associates has been an advocate of the use of alternative investments in client portfolios since it was founded more than 30 years ago. As a leader in this asset category, we:

  • Possess deep expertise and historical perspective
  • Leverage our extensive proprietary experience when analyzing both publicly and privately traded investments
  • Benefit from our strong reputation in alternatives and long-standing relationships with investment managers to obtain better access and the ability to negotiate more favorable terms
  • Use our collective size and purchasing power to identify a unique set of potential alternative investments, including direct and co-investments, difficult to source elsewhere or access directly

Accessing a wider range of investment opportunities

Hedge Funds

Private Equity

Private Debt

Direct Investments