TAG Associates Wins PAM Award for Investment Due Diligence Processes

TAG Associates Wins PAM Award for Investment Due Diligence Processes

TAG Associates LLC today announced that it won Best Family Office – Due Diligence Processes at the 2022 Private Asset Management (PAM) Awards.

It is the second year in a row TAG was recognized for its investment due diligence, having won the same PAM Award in 2021.

“With all that has changed in the investment world over the past two years, we are grateful for this recognition and proud of our demonstrated ability to adapt and adjust our processes,” said David Basner, CEO of TAG. “The past year was about preparing for and positioning clients for volatile worldwide markets and complex global economic issues.”

“Our team continued to canvas the world for highly differentiated, niche investment strategies. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have held more than 700 manager meetings each year, on average, for the past three years. Even when forced to perform diligence remotely, our team maintained incredible care and thoughtfulness.”

TAG’s entire research and due diligence program is performed in-house, utilizing a procedure that is designed to highlight both strengths and flaws in investment ideas through vigorous study and building consensus among members of the investment team.

TAG has been nominated for numerous other PAM and Family Wealth Report and other industry awards over the years.

The Private Asset Management Awards have provided a platform for top investment professionals, wealth advisors, legal firms, consultants, and other key service providers operating within the sector to showcase incredible achievements for over two decades. The highly sought-after awards are a true seal of approval from the private wealth community and provide a launchpad for future success. The judging process, using an independent panel made up of industry experts, is based on a mixture of qualitative and quantitative performance indicators. The awards were presented by PAM at a virtual awards presentation on February 17.